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Workshops & Events

24 Oct 2022 -
31 Jan 2023


All formal 2022 workshops are now completed. The next round will start in March 2023 and dates will be posted here in January. Notice will be sent in advance to Mailing List subscribers. (Use the "Mailing List" Tab above to receive the newsletter.)

In the meantime, the door is open to private One-on-One or One-on-Two sessions, studio visits, etc..

Please let me know if you are interested in further information on the classes by using the "Contact" tab!

26 Oct 2022 -
31 May 2023


Did you know that you do not have to be "An Artist" to appreciate and enjoy making mosaics - and you don't need to know how to draw! It does help if you enjoy working on multi stage projects, savor a bit of a challenge, respect the process, and delight in making something you can be truly proud of!

Our Sooke mosaic studio has been designed to accommodate:

  • small workshops for groups up to 6,
  • individual sessions for those wanting one-to-one lessons,
  • or just provide a space to work on a mosaic with easy access to help, supplies and resources!

Larger groups or sessions with physically challenged participants can also be arranged.

Classes Offered:

* "The Basics" (Beginner or Refresher): Make an Outdoor Garden Stepping Stone or Garden Tile

This comprehensive 20+ hour workshop ( in 4 sessions), is designed to give you a solid knowledge base from which to go forward and create your own mosaics!

Learn about the various types of mosaics, terminology, some basic principles of mosaic design, suitable material, substrates, adhesives, construction methods, safety issues, total weatherproofing, framing/hanging alternatives, grouting, sealing and finishing, and sourcing material.

All sorts of tips and tricks are included as well as the material, tools and equipment (and FUN!) to make it happen! You will go home with printed handouts, experience, and your own beautiful, lasting garden mosaic art piece!

Other Classes : After you have taken " The Basics" class:

*For More than a Beginner - "Working by Section" - make an indoor mosaic, using an alternate method to the direct, grouted mosaic. This class delves much more deeply into design elements, opus styles and andamento. Great for those who have already taken a Basics Class and want to further develop their skills.

*Something Different - "Glass on Glass" - window panels and sun-catchers: involves glass fusions, stained and textured glass, and working with yet another method. Designed for those who have completed a few mosaics and are comfortable with andamento, opus, cutting, shaping, etc., and want something completely different!

Private Sessions and Studio Space to create and learn on your own, with a little help, are also available!

For Details and Rates, Please Email: for a

"Workshop Information PDF" and/or

"Private Sessions/Studio Time PDF"