Duck Soup Mosaics
Original Mosaic Art for Home and Garden

Trish Collins

   My first exposure to mosaics, around age 10, was thanks to a family friend who had refinished an old coffee table by mosaicking the top with tiny ceramic tiles.  I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!  She gave me the leftover tiles, two pairs of clippers, and the remaining can of horrible smelling floor tile glue.  My parents had unsuccessfully been trying to interest me in some form of athletics or art or something (okay, anything!) and when it became evident I had found something that captured my entire attention, they were willing to support me to the point of researching appropriate methods, substrates, adhesives, grouts, etc.   As this was a time before the internet, the research involved books, lots of books.  It also involved wall and floor tile from the local hardware store.....

    As years progressed, I became distracted from mosaics and focused on schooling, marriage and career.    Fast forward to one day when I was particularly unhappy and frustrated with my 30 year vocation -> my wonderful husband reminded me of the long sealed-up box in the basement.  Opening it, I was instantly transported and reunited with an old best friend – and instant stress relief!   By this point, the internet was blossoming and we could instantly see pictures of other incredible mosaic creations, join groups, connect with like-minded people, WOW!   Game changer!!!   New materials, new methods, new processes,  wonderful classes and valuable workshops!

Now, today, I am happily devoted to my passion, and I attempt to show interested students "The Basics", hoping to open the door for them to the many myriads of mosaics, while I continually strive to expand my own abilities, knowledge and range.  Cheers!

Trish Collins , Mosaicist.    Sooke (near Victoria),  B.C.,  Canada

Update:    So very tickled to be included in this wonderful book,  "Creations Contemporary Decorative Mosaic" created and compiled by Jacqueline Iskander.   This book presents Decorative Mosaic from around the world - 53 artists from 20 countries share 124 unique mosaic works.  There are 166 pages of wonderful pictures and artist's commentary - including three Canadian artists, Heather J. Smith, Margo Anton and me! Available on